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The information below is presented especially for teachers considering the CLCofME experience for their students.

How to Participate: A Guided Tour

How to Participate: A Guided Tour

Intrigued by CLCofMe, but still require a greater understanding of exactly how the mission experience works? Take a guided tour of the mission experience- a comprehensive explanation of the purpose, planning, events, and outcomes of our exciting missions.

We'll walk you through each of the three steps of the mission process. First, we'll explain the necessary forms, training, and classroom preparation required. Then, we'll show you what it's like on a mission. Next, we'll show you how to continue the excitement and learning back in your classroom. We finish with a step-by-step guide to registering your classroom for the mission experience.


Teacher Workshops

At CLCofMe, we offer two different types of Teacher Workshops:

  • For Upcoming Missions:
    Teachers planning to take a class on a mission must attend one of our Teacher Workshops to maximize the benefits of the mission experience. To access a schedule and reserve a spot, please call communications Coordinator Jennifer Therrien at 207-990-2900 ex 4, or email her at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  • For Professional Development:
    The Challenger Center offers a a number of educator professional development opportunities, often including ties to the University research community.

Learning Results

Educators are often wowed by the experience of the Challenger Learning Center, yet they all have one question: what learning results can CLCofME demonstrate? Even educators who are comfortable with our learning experiences are still eager to document learning results so that they can demonstrate to school administrators that the CLCofMe experience is not just fun, but valuable! At CLCofMe, we've compiled a valuable set of learning results and organized it for you to view and/or download.


View and visit these valuable Web-based resources for teachers.

Funding Opportunities

Many schools look for outside funding sources to help realize their goal of bringing their students to one of our missions. Here, you'll discover a collected resource of funding opportunities that will help you begin your search for funding,

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Access the latest mission forms and materials at our portaportal:

NASA Resources

Did you know that CLCofMe is also Maine's NASA Educator Resource Center? It's true! Learn more about our NASA and space educational resources and opportunities for your classroom.